International Programs Introduction

The College is located in Silicon Valley High Technology Center in San Francisco-Sunnyvale and next to famous Stanford University. Brooks College provides the most cutting-edge education and diversified cultural experiences and is dedicated to the development of healthy managers, leaders, scientists, and educators who are sound in body and mind where the first-rate professors graduating from Harvard University, Stanford University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology lead the teaching and the opportunity to communicate and talk with the personnel of famous international companies is provided.

Brooks College (called BC for short) was established in 1991 and is an advanced institution of higher learning and innovative university, world-renown in education, business, computer, medical treatment, and psychology in San Francisco Bay Area. The College is located in Silicon Valley Center of San Francisco Bay Area-Sunnyvale and adjoins famous high-tech companies and Stanford University.

Brooks College has always been of school running based on the rigorous academic attitude and contributes to higher education pursuant to the spirit of the quest for freedom when America’s founding. Different schools of the College can award a wide range of bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctor’s degrees, and set business administration, education, medical treatment, humanities, computer, etc.

Brooks College is in Sunnyvale, San Francisco Bay Area, California with beautiful scenery and a good climate. The most excellent giant companies in the world are gathered around it

Brooks College is a non-profit private college with microteaching, greatly promoting the interaction between students and the College. The students in Brooks College enjoy a high level of personal attention and the kindness and spiritual care from teachers and administrators that are impossible in large schools generally.

Introduction of the Program

Based on the tenet-“better absorbing Chinese and Western education”, Brooks College has set such degree courses as Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Finance, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Medical and health management, Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programs, Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Finance, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Medical and health management and Doctor of Engineering Management, opening the door to a career for the students in need, creating a platform for students to challenge themselves, and gathering a lot of talented people together with strength accumulation. With a unique perspective, keen insight, and broad horizon, the College helps the students to improve their ability to grasp the development of global and Chinese finance.

Project Advantages

  • University recommended by the foreign regulatory network of the Ministry of Education
  • The course is subject to the credit system, and the students can get credit of a subject after completing it
  • It has abundantly qualified teachers who are Chinese and foreign famous teachers and carry out bilingual teaching. The professors of our College and authorized visiting professors will explain the anatomy knowledge and cases to you, many famous teachers and professors are gathered by the program, the professors are quite accomplished in their respective fields of study, and the English courses are provided with full Chinese translation.
    You only need to carry out the on-job part-time study, and the lessons are given only at one weekend in a month for two days without your job affected;
  • You will complete all the courses within 1 year to 2 years and a half and can smoothly get the diploma issued by the College after writing a thesis without defense, and the degree is recognized globally;
  • The teaching methods (such as case analysis and group discussion) are used to motivate and test students to give students a wonderful classroom experience with attention paid to the understanding and application of business knowledge;
  • The cost performance of the course set by the College is extremely high;
  • The high-end platform is shared, the study abroad at home and abroad, visit and inspection and business observation are organized regularly to share the feast of exchange of thoughts and collision of wisdom; You can participate in various resource integration and development promotion activities. You can enjoy lifelong alumni treatment of Brooks College;
  • Brooks College lays emphasis on practical teaching and is a long-term cooperative partner with Tencent, Alibaba and other enterprises in China
    Graduation ceremony tour  you can carry out face-to-face exchange and study, and speak glowingly of business management knowledge with the masters in Business School in Silicon Valley, America.

Professors Introduction

President of Brooks College

Professor of Brooks College

And University of California, Berkeley

Doctor of Stanford University

Founder of Point Forward
Speaker of various top business forums

Doctor of Stanford University

Professor of School of Engineering of Brooks College and Stanford University
Marketing Professor at Harvard Business School from 1985 to 1989

Doctor of Northwestern University
Professor of Marketing of Brooks College

Member of American Marketing Association (AMA)

Admission Information

Sign up for degree class. The payment by installments for tuition can be applied!

Study Mode

Type Length of schooling Arrangement for giving instruction Teaching language
Full time/Part-time 1-2.5 years A weekend in a month  English

Expense of entering school

Tuition: $ 9000-$22000. Fee of application and registration: $ 150 (note: for international students the expense doesn’t include travel expenses incurred by participating in the graduation ceremony at our school, and the translation fee, visa fee and board and lodging expenses shall be borne by yourself.

Application material

Application material

Application form for admission;


Personal statement (Letter of Admission Motivation)

Scanned copy of original ID card and passport;

Scanned copy of original diploma or certificate of degree;

Three Blue background identification photos

Application procedure

01 Submission of application materials

02 Review Materials

03 Payment and registration

04 Formal admission

Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony is held once a year in Brooks headquarters for the degree course program. The students successfully obtaining all course credits can autonomously choose whether to experience the academic atmosphere of American higher education, experience the solemn ceremony of being awarded a degree and participate in the graduation ceremony with full-time students from around the world at the school headquarters.

Diploma issuance

After completing all the courses and subject assignments of the program, and the corresponding thesis required, all the students graduating smoothly will be awarded with corresponding degree certificate from the school!